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Most frequent questions and answers

We offer private sessions in packages of 2, 4, 6, or 10 sessions per choreographer.

The rates depend on which instructor you sign up for.

We offer group sessions (for a maximum of 3 students).

Yes, but the session packages would have to be separate. You can’t sign up for 6 sessions and have a different instructor each time. You would have to sign up for 2 sessions with one instructor, then a separate 2 session package with a different instructor and so on.

90 minutes each.

A double session is two 90 minute sessions combined into one training period making it a 3 hour experience. Most instructors & students prefer this.

YES! Here at Building Block we tailor the material based on our student’s experience and goals. Whether you’ve been dancing since you were 5 years old, or this is your first dance class, we have something for everyone!

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