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ONE guest mentor, FOUR 2.5 hour rehearsals, and TEN students. Mentor Month is a combination of what goes on in our private sessions and double classes. You’ll receive in-depth training with a small group of people in an intimate, focused setting, working together towards a creative goal.

An exclusive video will be created from this experience whether it be a dance performance, conceptual work, a recap, behind the scenes, or anything the choreographer creatively envisions! Past mentor month instructors have included Keone and Mari Madrid, Chris Martin, Jawn Ha, Mecnun Giasar, as well as other world-renowned dancers, choreographers, and creators. 

Described by past students as an “intimate and life changing session with amazingly genuine mentors,” Mentor Month is a place where you’ll learn where your growth lives—a place above your limit and where you’ll be pushed past it.  In addition to just pure movement, past teachers have taught different approaches to dance, conditioning, drills, agility, freestyling, and other concepts that will open your boundaries physically and creatively. You will be challenged, and you’ll be able to build both as an individual and as a team. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience.